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Our services include the provision of Legal solutions for all Legal issues

Litigation - Litigation Lawyer in Dubai

The process of taking a case to a court of Law so that a Judgment can be made...

Criminal Law UAE - Criminal Lawyer UAE
Criminal Law

The body of law that Relates to Crime. We provide expert legal advice and representation...

Family Law UAE - Family Lawyer Dubai
Family Law

Deals with sensitive issues in family life, including but not limited to Marriage, Divorce, Custody, etc...

Arbitration Law Firm Dubai

A Private form of binding dispute resolution, conducted before an impartial tribunal...

Labour Lawyer in Dubai
Labour Law

Regulates the Relationship between the Worker and the Employer and clarifies the Rights...

Intellectual Property Law Dubai
Intellectual Property

Protection and enforcement concerning trademarks, patents, copyright, Designs, etc...

Business Setup in Dubai
Company Establishment

Setting up a company, Company Registration, Business Setup and Company Formation...

Real Estate and Construction Law
Real Estate & Construction Law

Issues and Disputes frequently between Property & Real Estate...

Legal Consultation & Representation

We provide legal advice and can act on behalf of any Individual...

Following up the Governmental services
Following up Governmental Services

Following up on behalf of the principal to end any transactions...

Advise to Reduce Legal Risks
Advise to Reduce Legal Risks

Our team will advice to bring more clarity to Legal Risks...

Commercial Law in Dubai
Drafting & Reviewing of Contracts

A Legally binding document between at least two parties...

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    The UAE Constitution Outlines The Freedoms and Rights of all Citizens, prohibits torture, Arbitrary Arrest and Detention, and Protects Civil Liberties, including Freedom of Speech and Press, Peaceful assembly and Association, and the practice of Religious beliefs.