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Looking for any consultation to take a decision Salwa Advocates will always be a part to assist you and make sure the best legal solution is obtained. Considering Litigation, Compensation, Arbitration, Legal Representation, Consultative Review Legal Documents, Following up the Governmental services and a lot more services to offer, Salwa Advocates stand alone with great qualities.

Litigation - Litigation Lawyer in Dubai


The process of taking a case to a court of Law so that a Judgment can be made…

Criminal Law UAE - Criminal Lawyer UAE

Criminal Law

The body of law that Relates to Crime. We provide expert legal advice and representation…

Family Law UAE - Family Lawyer Dubai

Family Law

Deals with sensitive issues in family life, including but not limited to Divorce, Alimony, Custody…

Arbitration Law Firm Dubai


A Private form of binding dispute resolution, conducted before an impartial tribunal…

Labour Lawyer in Dubai

Labour Law

Regulates the Relationship between the Worker and the Employer and clarifies the Rights…

Intellectual Property Law Dubai

Intellectual Property

Protection and enforcement concerning trademarks, patents, copyright, Designs, etc…

Business Setup in Dubai

Company Establishment

Setting up a company, Company Registration, Business Setup and Company Formation…

Real Estate and Construction Law

Real Estate & Construction Law

Issues and Disputes frequently between Property & Real Estate…

Legal Consultation & Representation

We provide legal advice and can act on behalf of any Individual…

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The Right Lawyers For Your Legal Matters

Choosing the right lawyers in UAE can be dificult at sometimes, especially if you are an expat and of course you are new to a particular jurisdiction and are dealing with laws and regulations that are quite alien to you. Being able to rely on a trustable legal firm or legal advisor is essential, especially if you are dealing with legal issues or are expecting potential legal concerns in the UAE.

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Salwa Omar Al Harriri Advocates and Legal Consultants was established in Dubai in late 2020, and we look forward to compete with ourselves, and today we are trying to reach the forefront, thanks to the presence of a constellation of lawyers and legal advisors qualified to provide the best legal expertise. We have experts in all fields which gives us a competitive advantage with the rest of our colleagues in the field of legal work in Dubai. 

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Legal matters are complicated and it could be difficult to handle by yourself.  You need an expert on your side. Let our expertise guide you.

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    We are one of the leading UAE-based law firm with reputable local lawyers and well-experienced legal consultants licensed and certified to operate in UAE jurisdiction…

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    Our mission is to ensure that we go above and beyond exercising due diligence, and providing first-class value-added professional service and legal counsel to corporate, institutional, and individual clients…

    Talented people

    Our team is composed of highly qualified individuals whose collective experience stretches across a variety of practice areas using technology to thrive in our mechanism…

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